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Spanish Chicken and Seafood Paella – Paella Mixta @Chicken Recipes

Written / printable version of this recipe is here: http://www.keefcooks.com/seafood-and-rabbit-paella-recipe/

The recipe for home-made chicken stock is here: http://www.keefcooks.com/how-to-make-chicken-stock-recipe/

Paella is probably Spain’s most famous dish. Originating in Valencia, this dish of rice with seafood and chicken or rabbit is completely addictive. The Valencians get very heated about what can and cannot go into a paella, and would probably snarl at this recipe. However, if you order paella in Madrid, this is what you’ll get – Paella Mixta. It’s a little bit tricky to get right, but follow the instructions in this video recipe and you should be ok. Buen approveche!


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