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How to Make Chicken Gravy from Scratch

You can make chicken gravy with three ingredients. Butter, flour, and chicken broth with make you some chicken gravy. You don’t need to buy chicken gravy in a can, or prepare it from a package, you can make chicken gravy from scratch.

Chicken gravy from scratch is so easy to make, and you know what? Once
you’ve mastered this technique, you are going to never buy another jar of
gravy again, and throw away those packages, because we can make great-
tasting chicken gravy with just a couple of ingredients from your kitchen.

We are simply going to use butter, flour, and a 32-ounce carton of chicken
stock. How easy is that? We’re going to begin by melting four to five
tablespoons of butter in a skillet, that’s over a medium-high heat. We need
the heat to help make this process happen, so don’t turn it up all the way
on high and don’t turn it on low.

We want this to come together rather quickly. Now you can see my butter is
melted and it has got a nice little bubble to it. Now we are going to add
equal amounts of flour to the butter and we are going to whisk this
together, and you’re going to want to cook this for a couple of minutes.

If you fail to cook this for a couple of minutes, you’re going to have a
very raw tasting gravy. That’s not going to be good. So you want to let
this cook long enough to where it starts to smell very fragrant and the
color will turn on this roux a little bit. It’s going to become much more
brown and gold in color, something like if you were baking pie crust, so
it’s actually going to smell like pie crust, once you get this nice and
cooked together.

So again, we’ve cooked it for about three to four minutes here and now
we’re going to add in one-half cup of our liquid. You’re going to see it
comes together rather rapidly. It looks something like paste right now, but
I promise it’s not. Then you’re going to add just another minimal amount of
liquid. Again, I’ve just used about ½ cup here, and I’m going to whisk this
together, and you can see it thickens, and it becomes fabulous.

So next what we’re going to do is, we’re going to begin to add in more and
more of the liquid. So here I’m going for about a good cup at this point,
and we’re just going to whisk, whisk; whisk. We’re going to whisk the night
away. Don’t be afraid, these lumps aren’t going to stay. The more you whisk
this I promise you’re going to have smooth, creamy gravy. Don’t worry about
it. It’ll happen. It takes just a couple of minutes here.

So again, add in the rest of your liquid and you are going to have some
very nice, smooth gravy. So here we go, but we’re not done yet. We’re going
to let this simmer on the stovetop, for about 8-10 minutes. This is going
to reduce. It’s going to become nice and thick, and before serving this,
we’re going to add a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream.

This makes the gravy nice and creamy. It adds a little bit of flavor, so
just go ahead and whisk that heavy cream in. If you have half and half,
that’s great. If you don’t, milk works great, too. Now we’ve got our liquid
all taken care of, and now all we need to do is season this with a little
bit of salt and a little bit of pepper, and guess what?

You have yourself some fabulous chicken gravy that you made from scratch.
That was so easy to do, so what would this go good with? I’m thinking some
mashed potatoes. Pour it over some cooked chicken breast. If you’re making
some stuffing, this would go well. You know it’s hard to go wrong with
chicken gravy. So there you go, three simple ingredients, a little bit of
flour, butter, and chicken stock. That’s all you need.

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