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Ham Spring Roll / easy chicken ham spring roll recipe

1) chopped carrot-1small bowl
2)chopped capsicum-1small bowl
3)chopped onion-1 small bowl
4)ginger & garlic paste-1&1/2 tsp
5)chopped green chilies- 3-4pcs
6)parsley leaves- 4-5tsp
7)cheese- 1 small bowl
8)oil- 2tsp
9)salt- as per taste
10)sugar- as per taste
11) black paper

For the batter:
1) corn flour-1small bowl
2)flour-1small bowl
3)baking powder-1tsp
4)2 eggs
5)salt- 1/2 tsp
6)black paper-as per taste
7)water- 1/3cup

First add oil in the pan then add onion, ginger& garlic paste,green chilies,carrot,capsicum,then add salt, sugar & black paper, add parsley leaves,cheese,and cook it well for 2 minutes- your mixture is ready.

Now take a big bowl and add corn flour, flour,baking powder,2 eggs,salt,black paper & water for your batter.

Now take the chicken ham and put the mixture on it and roll it then put the batter at the edges for tightening the roll then dab the roll in the batter then cover it well with the breadcrumb.
Then add oil in the pan and deep fry it.
N your delicious chicken ham spring roll is ready to serve.


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