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Chicken Roast | Chicken Recipe | Easy Chicken Recipes

Chicken roasted Recipe is very delicious for Indian as well as Pakistani and all world peoples. chicken recipes and easy recipes with roasted chicken without oven is also helpful for those peoples whose want to cook roasted chicken recipe without oven and in Hindi roasted chicken recipe or in Urdu is also help to peoples whose not know English well.

Roast chicken recipe Pakistani all peoples of Pakistan cook this recipe every week or in weekend approx but not all.

Roasted chicken recipe Indian style also available but my recipe is all of both India and Pakistani peoples.

How to make Chicken Roast?


1. Chicken 8 Pieces
2. Lemon 2
3. Ginger 1 inch
4. Green Chilli 1
5. Garlic 6 to 10 Cloves
6. Button Red Chilies 8
7. Turmeric 1/2 tsp
8. Salt to taste
9. Rice Flour 2 tbsp
10. Onion 2 Medium Chopped
11. Some Water




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