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BBQ Chicken Tikka Easy And Smoky Recipe || In Urdu / Hindi

This is an easy chicken tikka recipe without oven and grill. This chicken tikka recipe is smoky like bbq. People can say it chicken tikka masala recipe. Chicken tikka recipe is much famous among Pakistani and Indian people as well as worldwide.

Recipe Ingredients :-
1- Chicken Leg Piece 03
2- Garlic Paste 01 Table Spoon
3- Ginger Paste 01 Table Spoon
4- Lemon Juice 03 Table Spoon
5- Tikka Masala 03 Table Soon
6- Salt As Required
7- Cooking Oil )2 Table Spoon
8- Coal Piece 01
Wash and dry chicken pieces than make small cuts on chicken pieces. Now mix tikka masala, salt, ginger, garlic and cooking oil than apply thoroughly on chicken pieces. now putt the chicken pieces for marination in fridge for one and half hours.

BBQ Chicken Tikka Easy And Smoky Recipe || In Urdu And Hindi

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